dot Audio?

Yes. Synthesizers.Audio is the correct URL for this website (the full address is actually
Practically everyone knows the most common TLD’s used to register domain names. A ‘TLD’ is the last part of the domain name (e.g., .com, .net, .org) and stands for Top Level Domain.
Fairly recently, the internet has undergone an expansion of sorts¬†with all manner of new TLD’s becoming available. One of those TLD’s is .Audio and that is what I have used here.

You can also reach this website from but considering this site is also about digital synths and virtual synths (AKA VSTi’s), I have chosen Synthesizers.Audio as the primary name.

I have plans to expand Synthesizers.Audio¬†with some additional sections about another keen interest of mine and that is surround sound. The domain names and have been registered and reserved for that expansion. Some of the music featured on the ‘Hidden Gems | Instrumental Journeys’ album is actually encoded with surround sound already. If you have a Dolby ProLogic II capable surround sound system, try listening to ‘No More Pain’ and ‘Ghost Train’ with ProLogic II enabled.
I am also planning to do some discreet mixes of some of these tracks and will be uploading them in Dolby Digital 5.1 format. There are also a number of other discreet surround encoding/playback formats I will be looking into too such as multichannel FLAC and MP3 Surround.

Stay tuned and check back regularly. You can also register and subscribe to be notified by email of site updates.

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